Cabrojo Restaurant

Traditional and mountain cuisine

Mountain tradition

. . . stews here, of all times . . .

Selection of homemade desserts

. . . delicious , sweet , special . . .

The restaurant

The Cabrojo restaurant can seat up to 130 guests, and there is a terrace that seats 30. We offer three services daily, with breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner. We also have a large room for private events, such as meetings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. All of these areas have wifi available and we have our own large parking lot.

The Valle de Cabezón Restaurant fills up daily with dozens of people, which means that the daily hard work put in by our team offering our clients a Daily Menu is well worth it, as it provides combinations of dishes that suit all types of diets. 
We make dishes as simple as possible, so as to not mask the original product’s flavour, as well as more elaborate dishes for those who have greater difficulty in choosing a meal given their special needs, for example allergies to certain ingredients. We also bear in mind those whose main interest is just to eat as healthy a meal as possible every day. And for those with more exquisite tastes, we have made up a menu where, while maintaining our trademark tradition and simplicity, we try to meet the expectations of those who seek the most exclusive products of Cantabrian cuisine.

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