Cabrojo Restaurant

Traditional and mountain cuisine

Mountain tradition

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Selection of homemade desserts

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The menu

The Cabrojo restaurant offers traditional Cantabrian and mountain cuisine.

The dishes made in our kitchen allow to discover the essence of Cantabrian gastronomy, with a modern-day touch that brings together the products from land and sea. We have a long and varied menu that includes several specialties, such as Mountain soup-stew, grilled king oyster mushrooms with picon Bejes-Tresviso cheese sauce, or several types of house-special salads, all of which can be enjoyed with a selection from our wide range of national and regional wines.

Mountain cooking, top quality first-choice ingredients and good food.
(Check the list of allergens attached to our menu)



Galician-style octopus
Mussels in sauce / Mussels in vinaigrette dressing
Seafood salad with pepper vinegar
Fried black pudding 
Home-made ham croquettes
Iberian ham
Selection of Iberian cold cuts
Mayonnaise salad with potatoes and tuna


Cesar-style salad (with chicken and seasoned white sauce)
House salad (with cheese, pepper, prawns and anchovies)
Salad with cheese, walnuts and crispy bacon bits
Chopped vegetable salad


Scrambled eggs with seafood and wild mushrooms
Hake in sauce 
Sautéed squid with garlic and onion
Peppers stuffed with hake and prawns
Monkfish and king prawn brochette

Meat (from Campoo region)

Grilled rib-eye steak / Grilled veal chop
Grilled suckling lamb chops
Cheek pork stewed
Home-made meatballs in sauce
Cachopo (Breaded beef steak with ham and cheese)
Stewed wild boar

Dishes (from Cantabrian region)

Squid rings
Cantabrian Anchovies
Cantabrian pork meat and beens stew
Cantabrian Seasoned tomato (In season)
Assorted cheeses
Chorizo from Potes
Hunting cold cuts
Snails (Cantabria style)
Tuna ventresca with roasted sweet peppers
Cantabrian fried anchovies (In season)
Fried borono (locally-made pork blood sausage)

Burguer 100% beef (from Campoo region)

Simple burger
Cheeseburger with bacon
Cheeseburger with bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato


Sandwich with ham and cheese
Sandwich with ham, cheese and egg
Sandwich complete (lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese and omelette)
Chicken sandwich  (lettuce, tomato and omelette)


Pizza four cheeses
Pizza BBQ
Pizza ham and cheese

Do you want more?

Crispy chicken wings 8 unit
Beef tacos
Nachos with cheese and guacamole sauce
“Delux” chips


Cream  biscuits
Yogurt  biscuits
Milk chocolate cup

Typical desserts with fresh milk from Granja Cudaña

Baked egg custard
Fresh cow milk junket
Rice pudding
Crème brulèe

Apple pie
Almond cake
Carrot cake
Home-made chocolate brownie
Caramelised cheese pudding
Profiteroles with chocolate sauce






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