Sequoia forest

Very close to us is the Sequoia Natural Monument, located in the area around the Corona mountain, a protected space with around a thousand specimens measuring over 30 metres tall, on a plantation spread out on 2.5 hectares.

It can easily be found by driving on the road out from Cabezón de la Sal towards Comillas, where you will find a parking area on the left-hand side of the road, about 150 metres from the roundabout.  There are another two charming areas around Monte Corona, on the one hand we have the San Esteban hermitage, located in the Monte Corona area in the municipality of Udias and providing one of Cantabria’s most beautiful panoramic views towards the western coast with the Picos de Europa as a backdrop. The other is the San Antonio hermitage, located in the heart of the forest in the municipality of Valdáliga, where you can enjoy a beautiful family picnic.



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